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Username: truegenocider Last Online: Sept 9, 2017 11:05:50 GMT -5
Latest Status: Just Joined! But I LOVE Undertale!
Date Registered: Sept 9, 2017 10:36:31 GMT -5
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Mini-Description: I love undertale!
Chara's my favorite UT char.!
Thats why she's my profile pic!
She's so cute!
Description: Favorite UT Character: Chara
Favorite animal: Sloth
Likes: Technology
Dislikes: Paw Patrol:
Other: She suffers from Entomophobia. Entomophobia is the fear of bugs. Whever she sees any type of bug, even a fly or butterfly, or even a ladybug, she screams.
Favorite Undertale Character: Chara
Favorite Undertale Shipping: Chara X Sans - BEST UT SHIP EVER!
Routes You've Completed: Pacifist route, Neutral route, Genocide route
Alternate Universe: Yes
How did you find our site?: Search engine (Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc.)
You called for help... But the only one who came was...



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Chara: I'll try that today. It's been Goatmothers day for awhile now. Aug 29, 2017 11:19:46 GMT -5
Chara Avatar
Chara: *says that, and forgets* Whoops.. Aug 30, 2017 11:13:40 GMT -5
Chara Avatar
Chara: Fixed! Aug 31, 2017 15:43:06 GMT -5
Roku Avatar
Roku: Hey guys, a new chapter is coming up this weekend. I apologize for the huge delay, even after announcing my end of Hiatus. Things had been pretty going up and down, despite the period of production. I'll be on my way with the next and the following Sept 1, 2017 3:33:24 GMT -5
Chara Avatar
Chara: :temmie: Sept 2, 2017 0:43:05 GMT -5
sanstheskeleton1 Avatar
sanstheskeleton1: howdy so has anyone heard of underlab? Sept 2, 2017 13:30:44 GMT -5
sanstheskeleton1 Avatar
sanstheskeleton1: the reason why I ask is because they seem to know more about gaster then anyone else in the entirety of youtube... Sept 2, 2017 13:32:14 GMT -5
Roku Avatar
Roku: I've heard of the underlab, but I haven't checked it. Though, I'll be convinced when I see and hear their explanation. Sept 2, 2017 19:27:22 GMT -5
Chara Avatar
Chara: Anyone know what the recent UT updates were about?? Sept 3, 2017 0:22:00 GMT -5
voltalessandroarcade Avatar
voltalessandroarcade: Project Lost Dreemurr NEXT updates again. Spark Wolf, Goat Son, Cyber Rabbit, and Hacker Bunny return home and take a load off in this update. Things have changed in 5 years while others have stayed the same. See what's [NEXT] for the Asriel and Co.! Sept 4, 2017 14:44:28 GMT -5
Chara Avatar
Chara: *yawn* :sweatypap: Sept 6, 2017 8:43:34 GMT -5
Chara Avatar
Chara: Muffet's cat, Tiger, has passed away today from a possible heart attack when trying to cure them from sickening fleas in a bath... Sept 6, 2017 16:55:09 GMT -5
Chara Avatar
Chara: I'm thinking about making a UT forums discord server to keep activity up. Sept 10, 2017 22:22:30 GMT -5
RaverMonki Avatar
RaverMonki: Also I am sorry about Tiger. :sweatypap: Sept 11, 2017 20:27:05 GMT -5
RaverMonki Avatar
RaverMonki: I need to advertise more, been busy with collegeeeee and rick and morty tbh. But I check in a few times. Admins are usually not on 24/7, but if anyone needs me the mods know where to reach me! Sept 11, 2017 20:28:16 GMT -5
Roku Avatar
Roku: same here with work. It's been a stressful month since sleep periods are irregular. Sept 12, 2017 1:40:48 GMT -5
Chara Avatar
Chara: Same... I need some inspiration.. Sept 12, 2017 7:47:16 GMT -5
voltalessandroarcade Avatar
voltalessandroarcade: A special update to Project Lost Dreemurr NEXT on this September 15th, 2017! Volt and Asriel's peace is about to come to an abrupt end. But not before some awesome times and life-changing milestones! Happy Birthday, Azzy & happy annivesary, Undertale!!! Sept 14, 2017 23:48:04 GMT -5
Chara Avatar
Chara: Noice Sept 15, 2017 10:45:07 GMT -5
Roku Avatar
Roku: Hey guys, new chapter has been released. Finally, after a long period of hiatus (from May to August). New chapter is posted here. Sept 18, 2017 22:58:04 GMT -5